"The Death Row of Gaming."

Stone Head Studios is a brand new studio on a Crusade to give the People the best Animation and Gaming entertainment this world has to offer!  We are currently working on several projects including Spectrum The Video Game, an Open World MOBA!
Join us on our journey to World Domination.
Betim Duraku
Creative Director



Spectrum The Video Game is the flagship i.p. of Stone Head Studios and is currently in development.  A Kickstarter campaign is also in the works and an official launch date will soon be announced!

Beyond this world there is a place, a place where warriors meet in battle. Some call it Valhalla, to others it's known as the afterlife but soon you will know it as the Spectrum!

Take control of Warriors throughout history from the Stone Age to the Modern Day in an Open World realm unlocking the secrets of the Spectrum! Play Campaign Co-Op or Online Multiplayer game types like MOBA 5v5, Dungeon Raids and Free-for-All Arena Death Match! Collect Exotic Gear and Equipment from Town Shops and Dungeons scattered throughout the Spectrum.  Customize your Warriors' Armor Sets and choose Weapon Load outs ranging in Style and Function. Using the Editor, choose your ideal location to build a Home and invite your friends to party or construct a Fortress where you and your Clan mates defend against outsiders! Warriors include: Caveman, Apache, Cowboy, Knight, Samurai, Gladiator, Viking, Spartan, Ninja, Pirate, Zulu, Astronaut and many, many more yet to be revealed!

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